International Optimist Dinghy

Training Camps


Weight range 35-54kg
Maximum age 15 years

The Optimist is the Australian Sailing and South of Perth Yacht Club’s recommended class for junior sailors. Its size and forgiving nature make it great for introducing sailors at a very early age. The boat is technical enough to provide all the challenges both physical and mental to ultimately progress to succeed at Youth and Olympic level. The Optimist is sailed in over 110 countries and so offers the most extensive program of international competition for any class. “In the 2008 Beijing Olympics 85% of the medal winning skippers were former Optimist sailors” – International Optimist Class Association.

Optimist Levels

pathway diagram

The Intermediate and Open Fleet train twice a week on a Tuesday 1600 – 1900 and Sunday (time is dependent on the Season and Club Racing schedule) and compete in Club Racing. There is a coach for each fleet although they can be combined together because of numbers or to work on specific skills such as starting. The Club has an Optimist Fleet representative to assist the Head Coach in communicating training and racing information to sailors and to answer any questions families have about the class, club and integration with the State Optimist Association WAIODA (see website below).

SoPYC Optimist Fleet Representative, Mike Coote optimist.sopyc@gmail.com
Head Coach, Tessa Parkinson headcoach@sopyc.com.au

How to lease a Club owned fibreglass Optimist to use as a transition boat:
The Club owns 6 fibreglass Optimist dinghies that are available for members to lease for 3 months to assist with the transition of purchasing your own boat. It is a great option for sailors moving into the Intermediate fleet from the Green fleet and to start competing in Club racing. To organise leasing a boat please email the On Water Group Asset Manager, Chelsea, training@sopyc.com.au 

Western Australian International Optimist Dinghy Association www.waioda.org.au/
Australian Optimist Class Association www.aioda.com
International Optimist Class Association – this site gives a great indication of the extent of Optimist sailing throughout the world www.optiworld.org