Emergency Response Plan

On Water Safety Emergency Response Plan

South of Perth Yacht Club’s Emergency Response Plan (ERP) provides a systematic approach to responding to an incident occurring during an event conducted by the club.

Emergency Response

SoPYC is not equipped to provide extensive emergency response. WA Water Police (or AusSAR, depending of the incident location) will coordinate emergency response for boats requiring external medical assistance or assistance when there is grave or imminent danger to the safety of boat or crew.

SoPYC will pass on any such call for assistance to WA Water Police whilst continuing to assist.

Pre Event Preparation by the Skipper and Crew

  • Ensure that all required Safety Equipment is on board and in good working condition.
  • Have sufficient crew, appropriately experienced, able to cope with the conditions likely to be experienced.
  • Brief the crew on emergency response in the case of an incident including locations of safety equipment, their emergency roles and procedures to be followed.
  • Ensure the crew is familiar with the boat’s Man Overboard (MOB) procedures. SoPYC recommends that the procedure is practiced before and during the sailing season.  Review the Man Overboard procedure here
  • Have crew on board with a Senior First Aid Certificate (recommended for all events).
  • Have crew on Board with a Marine Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency
  • (recommended for Offshore Races.)
  • Check event entry rules and be aware of any special safety requirements.

Notification of Incident

When a boat needs emergency assistance, it should use the standard marine emergency call procedures – including PAN PAN or MAY DAY when required.

  • Contact Club    Use when assistance is required but an emergency has not yet arisen. Call the Club Emergency Response numbers.
  • PAN PAN           Use when an urgent safety message concerning safety of the boat or person is required but a May Day call is not fully justified.
  • MAY DAY          Use only when a boat or person is in grave or imminent danger and requires immediate assistance.

Emergency Response Numbers

  • Call “South of Perth Race Control” VHF Ch 77
  • Race Control Mobile 0421 704 945
  • Sailing Administrator 0412 745 944
  • General Manager 0422 418 143