The S80 is a one-design 8 metre (26 ft) yacht designed by local naval architect KimSwarbrick for both racing and cruising and is intended to provide, at a reasonable cost, high performance racing for inshore and limited offshore events, whilst at the same time providing a simple and spacious accommodation to exploit the cruising potential of the boat.

Strict class rules which are aimed at prohibiting the use of expensive and sophisticated equipment and sails have been framed for the class. S80’s are still being built today, more than 20 years after the first one touched the water. S80’s normally carry a crew of 5, including the helmsman.

Fleet racing is conducted on the Swan  River by the S80 Association as a combined start of the S80 fleets at South of Perth Yacht Club and Royal Perth Yacht Club, with the clubs alternating each week in hosting the event. Fleets of up to 20 boats can be expected in these races with at least a third the fleet coming from South of Perth Yacht Club. S80’s also compete in an annual State Championship series.

S80s at South of Perth Yacht Club are both penned in the water and trailered on the Club’s hard standing.  Boats are generally kept together in both areas when this can be accommodated.

For more information contact the fleet chairman Walter Philippe on 0417 948 449 or at walphilippe@westnet.com.au  or visit the S80 Association Website