On Water Sailing Keelboats

Keelboat sailing and racing is a core element of activity a South of Perth Yacht Club. You may be completely new to sailing or a seasoned ocean racer, young or not so young, male or female. No matter what your background and experience, South of Perth Yacht Club can offer you sailing that will suit your skill level and sailing ambitions. All enquiries are welcome.

CLASSES OF KEELBOATS SAILED - We have some 230 keelboats registered at South of Perth Yacht Club. The boats are organised into ten different fleets based around the size of the yacht or, in some cases, the class or design of the yacht. Further details of our fleets including contact details for enquiries, are available by clicking on your fleet of choice from the Keelboat Menu.

CLASS RACING CONCESSIONS - If you join South of PerthYacht Club and bring a one-class or one-design yacht to the Club, provided you compete regularly in class racing events your nomination fee will be refunded to you.

PENS - A water or land pen will usually be available for your yacht on joining the Club, provided you intend to regularly compete in Club sailing events. Retention of a pen will be conditional upon your continued participation in events.

OUR SAILING PROGRAM - Our main fleet racing events are held on Saturday afternoons, October – April. We also hold a more leisurely Wednesday afternoon series throughout the year, a winter Sunday afternoon series and a social sailing event on Wednesday evenings, November – March.

TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES – IF you are a novice or inexperienced skipper we will provide a special introductory training program to help you obtain the knowledge and experience necessary to skipper a keelboat. An experienced skipper from your fleet will mentor you through this program.

OPPORTUNITIES TO CREW ON KEELBOATS - Keelboat owners and skippers are always on the lookout for people to help them sail their yachts. If you are not a boat owner and are looking for some healthy and inexpensive outdoor exercise and seeking the fun and rewards that being part of a team can bring, you are welcome to register your interest as a crewperson or just come on down to the Club and give it a try. You will be allocated to a boat in your fleet of choice. If you like it and want to be part of the Club, you can then join the Club as a crew member for a very reasonable annual subscription. Crew training courses are also available.