Master of Ceremonies Vice Commodore David Barton presided over an evening every bit as successful as the 2017 Time Trialling season itself.  After toasts, he called on Commodore Phil Warwick to welcome guests before handing the evening over to Power Captain Amanda Watson and Vice Captain John Spanos.

While introducing Amanda, Commodore Phil thanked the sponsors, Start Team and Checkpointers who make Time Trialling possible.  He made a special point of thanking Garry Morrison and his merry team for the Change of Speed and the Change of Speed and the Ch………  just to show there were no hard feelings for the one or two COS penalties awarded to Time Out during the season.  Phil congratulated the winners in advance and wished us all an enjoyable evening with the reminder that SoPYC is more than a club, it is a community.

Amanda welcomed and thanked Commodore Phil and Past Commodore Mark Nicholas and welcomed Pam Warwick and Carol Nicholas with gifts in thanks for their support.  She thanked the sponsors, the Start Team, the Checkpointers, Bernie Kaaks (unfortunately absent with a prior commitment to the Geraldton Offshore Race) and the On Water Group, finishing with a special thank you to Doug Smith of Coffee Point Marine Services for his sponsorship of the CPYC State Heats.

The Merry Team: Margaret Cooper, PC Frank and Barbara Dalglish, Garry Morrison

Amanda invited CPYC Chairman Troy Dalglish to introduce two special guests, Bryan Carter and Tony Bartlett.  Bryan and Lesley and Tony and Nola are long-time members of the club and have each contributed more than 25 years to Time Trialling.  Bryan has been Club Champion 14 times and Tony has been Club Champion on two occasions.  Troy took great delight in presenting these two Club stalwarts with their CPYC 25 year pins and certificates.

Power Section BC Trophy

This year the Sherwell family retired the Sherwell Family Trophy for Zero Points Lost and it has been renamed the Bryan (BC) Carter Trophy for Zero Points Lost, a very fitting tribute to Bryan.  The trophy has only been awarded six times, three of which were to Bryan.  Not only has the trophy been rebadged, it has been completely re-designed by Dee Kelly in consultation with Bryan.  It is now a handsome jarrah plinth with a highly engineered glass Zero.  The name badges from the previous trophy have been transferred and plenty of blank shields await anyone skillful enough to complete a course without the loss of a single point!

Amanda thanked all the participants in the season’s events and the CPYC State Heats.  Once again SoPYC won the teams event: the 21st time in a row!  Sunhunter –  Skipper: Brett Morrison, Navigator: Dilana Ramirez was Champion Boat for the third consecutive year and took out the Bob Stanford Trophy.   Dalusional – Skipper: Troy Dalglish, Navigator: Dee Kelly and Amazon – Skipper: Steve Wall, Navigator: Amanda Watson took out second and third with only six points between first and third.  Steve Wall was this year’s Consistency winner.

Amanda concluded her thoughtful and well delivered speech by thanking the Power Yacht Section Committee for their work throughout the year and gave special mention to John and Leesa Spanos for decorating the Ballroom for the evening’s event.  She and Garry are now looking forward to a well-earned break in Bali with NO Time Trialling and hope to see us all at the jetty party on 25 November.  Then it’s the Xantippe Night Race in March and the opening of the Power Season in May 2018 and we get to do it all over again.

After dinner Amanda called on Garry Morrison to announce the Season Trophy winners.  Garry also thanked his team, all the volunteers and the competitors for making the season so memorable – especially Closing Day.  He is still laughing!

Season Trophy Winners

The most anticipated announcement of the night was the winner of the Reads Print Trophy for Champion Boat and Club Champion for 2017.  Another fantastic effort by Sunhunter – Skipper: Brett Morrison; Navigator: Dilana Ramirez saw them win the prestigious award with a net score of 20.45 and Sunhunter will continue to carry the coveted 400 numbers in 2018.

In second place on 24.72 was Amazon -  Skipper: Steve Wall; Navigator: Amanda Watson and third place went to Thanet – Skipper: Guy Skinner; Navigator: Richard Evans on 42.72.
Commodore Phil Warwick presenting the Reads Print Trophy and 400 numbers to Champion Club Boat Sunhunter -  Skipper: Brett Morrison and Navigator: Dilana Ramirez

Bryan (BC) Carter Trophy for Zero Points Lost
Once again there was no winner – maybe next year!

Greton Trophy for Best First Year Time Trialler
YKnot –  Skipper: Travis Fisher; Navigator: Jessica Fisher

Maevana Trophy for Most Points Lost in any one event (Wooden Spoon)
Splashin Out - Skipper: Ian White; Navigator: Andrea White with 2,560 points lost

Imprint Plastic Award for Consistent Competitor
Perseverance - Skipper: Greg Power; Navigator: Valerie Power

David Burton for Most Improved Skipper
Lucky Bay IV -  Skipper: Jeff Abbott

The Aub Berryman Memorial Trophy for Starting and Finishing Consistency
1st   Sunhunter - Skipper: Brett Morrison; Navigator: Dilana Ramirez with a net score of 5
2nd Dalusional –  Skipper: Troy Dalglish; Navigator: Dee Kelly with a net score of 8 on a countback from
3rd Amazon – Skipper: Steve Wall; Navigator: Amanda Watson with a net score of 8

JA (Jeff) George Perpetual Trophy
1st Amazon – Skipper: Steve Wall; Navigator: Amanda Watson with a net score of 100.1
2nd Sunhunter – Skipper: Brett Morrison; Navigator: Dilana Ramirez with a net score of 112.75
3rd Thanet – Skipper: Guy Skinner; Navigator: Richard Evans with a net score of 116.1

Power Section Greton Trophy

In keeping with tradition, once the presentations and speeches were over, Klassworks launched into a rousing rendition of You’re Simply the Best.  The crowd took to the dance floor and the Champions proudly displayed their 400 and 401 numbers.

Simply the Best!!! Sunhunter and Amazon

Power Section 400
Power Section Conga
Power Section Dancing

Interesting Fact #24
Although Strudel Season was declared officially closed at CPYC Prize Night on 22 September, John Spanos managed to bag six stragglers.  They were distributed to the lucky few whose names were pulled out of the hat and surprise, surprise Strudelhunter’s name was not one of them.  How then did this stray strudel end up here?


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