POWER SECTION: State Heat 3 – 22 July 2017

After last week’s wet and windy conditions, we were treated to a sunny but chilly afternoon for the Coffee Point Marine Services 2017 CPYC State Trials Heat 3 on Saturday.

Official placings and results will be announced at the dinner at Royal Perth Yacht Club after State Heat 4.


Place Vessel Skipper Navigator Points Lost  

Least Points

1 ‘Sunhunter’ Brett Morrison Dilana Ramirez


2C ‘Amazon’ Steve Wall Amanda Watson


3C ‘Dalusional’ Troy Dalglish Dee Kelly



Well done, a remarkable performance considering 17 of the 20 checkpoints were monitored.

Although South of Perth Yacht Club took out the first five places (Thanet came in 4th with the loss of 11 points and Open Circuit was 5th with 12) only five of the first ten boats were from SoPYC.  The next four boats to cross the line were from Claremont Yacht Club and Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club: Dirty Deeds CYC (14 points); Queste RFBYC (14 points) Utopia CYC (16 points) Liquid Assett CYC (17 points).  This shows increasing inter-club competitiveness and is a good sign for the future of Time Trialling.  Rounding out the top ten was our sponsor Doug Smith of Coffee Point Marine Services in Reel Time with the loss of 18 points.Power 1
Power Section Committee
The AGM for Power Section is Thursday 3 Aug 2017 at 7:30 pm.  You are all invited to attend and nominations are being called for the Power Section Committee.  The Power Section Committee is the envy of the other sections and is successful because the load is shared over a number of portfolios; “many hands make light work”.  If you would like to be part of the committee please contact Power Captain Amanda Watson on 0418 913 392.

Coming Events

29 July 2017 Ti-Tu Invitation Time Trial (nominations please) followed by Kindred Clubs Event – Colour my World Dance Party with prizes for best colourful fancy dress costume and two runners-up.

5 August 2017 Commodore’s Ball – A Night to Remember (and remember – no time trial competition this weekend).

Interesting Fact #13   Mid-river starts are difficult to zero.  Only five boats managed to pass Nedlands Spit spot on their start time and achieve the magic number.  Interestingly, we will never know how many zeroed the finish.  Outer Dolphin was not monitored!  The closest to a zero start and finish was Illusion with a zero at Nedlands Spit and a zero at Foam.  Good work, Ian and Kerry Staples!one of many checkpoints