POWER SECTION: Navigator Skippers Seafarers Measure 8 July 2017

POWER SECTION:  Navigator Skippers Seafarers Measure 8 July 2017

A return to sunshine for Saturday’s Navigator Skippers Seafarers Measure meant there was no escape: roles were reversed and nervous navigators took the controls while scared skippers counted down the seconds.  Each learnt that the other’s job was not so easy after all and most were still on speaking terms at the finish.

There was extra entertainment for the Start Team and Checkpoints but a good job was done by all. The competition was so keen there was a three-way tie for Least Points Lost.   ‘No Name’ SKIPPER: Raymond Smith NAVIGATOR: Gary Smith from RPYC, ‘Innuendo’ SKIPPER: Jared Tickle NAVIGATOR: Mark Hayman and ‘Manduco’ SKIPPER: Amy Townend NAVIGATOR: Kris Townend tied with the loss of 16 points. This called for a countback to decide the winner of the 2017 Seafarers Measure.  And the winner was…… ‘Innuendo’.


Power Captain Amanda Watson welcomed Molly and Alan Coy and  Rita and Bob Reid.  They have a long history with SoPYC:  Alan was the starter with Molly, Bob, Rita and PC Colin Wilson up until 2008, then Bob took over for 2 years before Garry Morrison took over.  Molly was the first Cruising Section Captain when this position was created.

Alan and Molly bought the historic “Seafarer” after it sank in a pen at Fremantle. They knew they couldn’t afford to fully restore her but managed to save her. She is currently awaiting restoration by new enthusiast owners.  In 2009 Molly and Alan moved down to Cowaramup and they don’t get to the Club often now but they were delighted to be guests this evening and Molly took great pleasure in presenting the flags and trophies to the winners.

resultspower2Misdemeanours were plentiful with ‘Chilly Mussel’, ‘Open Circuit’ and ‘Pa’s Boat’ deciding to leave Red 23 to Port (Jacquie also had a blonde moment during the week, trying to start ‘Pa’s Boat’ with the kill switch off).  Wayne Marshall got an Honourable Mention – ‘Christie May’ stopped for 45 seconds at Quarry.  Steve Leech was celebrating his 60th birthday and that tipped the balance in his favour so ‘Chilly Mussel’ took out the Bent Prop Award.  Happy Birthday, Steve.


Power Section Committee

The AGM for Power Section is Thursday 3 Aug 2017 at 7.30m. You are all invited to attend and nominations are being called for the Power Section Committee.  The Power Section Committee is the envy of the other sections and is successful because the load is shared over a number of portfolios and “many hands make light work”.  If you would like to be part of the committee please contact Power Captain Amanda Watson on 0418 913 392

Coming Events

15 July 2017    Frank Dal Autos Trophy

15/16 July 17   Cruise to Geordie Bay for a “clean out the coolroom” lunch on Sunday

22 July 2017    State Heat #3.  Don’t forget to nominate

29 July 2017    Ti-Tu Invitation Time Trial (nominations please) followed by Kindred Clubs Event – Colour my World Dance Party with prizes for best colourful fancy dress costume and two runners-up.

5 August 2017 Commodore’s Ball – A Night to Remember (and remember – no Time Trial competition this weekend).

Interesting Fact #11    The Seafarers Measure is a 200ml pewter mug that was used for the daily measure of gin given to ships’ officers.


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