POWER SECTION: CLOSING DAY – 30 September 2017

“Novelty Event” was how Closing Day’s final time trial for 2017 was billed!  So we all knew Starter Garry Morrison had some tricks up his sleeve but we did not expect the start to be delayed by 15 minutes due to “technical difficulties”.  A quick recalculation and most of the fleet started at their amended time.  A few failed to make the adjustment which resulted in some of the best Wooden Spoon results of the year.  More of that in Results.

Despite being warned to be ‘observant – very observant’, the merry band of Time Triallers completed the course in blissful ignorance of the Y Flag fluttering happily from the Start Box declaring that, according to The Racing Rules of Sailing, “All people on board should wear a personal life jacket or personal buoyancy”. 


pic 1
pic 2

The fun and games did not finish once the fleet had crossed the finish line.   After Power Captain Amanda Watson thanked the Sponsors, Start Team, Checkpointers and all who had participated in making the 2017 Power Yacht season so successful, she called on Garry to announce the results.  Garry said it had been a fun day – it was the most fun they had had in the Start Box all year.  Special mention was given those who had not logged on and off with the Start Box on Channel 77 and he noted various other misdemeanours, saying any protests needed to be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of $500.

Garry then explained the scoring system used for the day: 28 boats competed and the numbers 1 to 28 were allocated at random to each boat.  The allocated number was then deducted from the raw score which resulted in the following scores:

results 1

results 2

port fleet

starboard fleet
Commodore Phil Warwick with Dalusional and Amazon, Equal Least Points Lost (2)

The Results were conveniently timed to coincide with Half Time of the AFL Grand Final, leaving die hard footie fans free to watch the remainder of the big game and celebrate the Tigers convincing win (first time in 37 years – so don’t give up if you haven’t won a trophy yet!).  In all the excitement, one pint-sized patron couldn’t resist a resounding ring of the big brass bell leaving his embarrassed Nan to buy for the bar… Oops!Happy Hour

Coming Events
Saturday 14 October               Power Yacht Prize Night
Saturday 25 November           Power Yacht Christmas Party

Interesting Fact #23
Wikipedia also says: ‘Repeated sound signals should be made to draw attention to the Y signal’.  Did anyone hear anything?  No – no-one even heard the second warning gun!

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