Another intriguing weekend of offshore yacht racing was run last weekend with the final Weekender Series races held at Mandurah. This series comprises a weekend of racing in Rockingham in November followed by a weekend in Hillary’s in February and concluded with the Halls Head  race to Mandurah  and the Point Probert return race.

The series results were very tight going into the weekend with likely outcomes coming down to countbacks so it was a weekend of sheep station stakes to get high podium results. Al Fresco,  Obsession  and Sue Sea were all within striking distance of each other in Division 1, Argo Joss and Sante were all over each other in Division 2 , Dynamic and Soon were 2 points apart and only Dart Vader had a safe lead in Double handed.

Saturdays race looked like a drifter followed by a light sea breeze but after a wallowing start the shift came in early and the fleet had good winds all the way down soon after, but in a familiar contrast the race home was in a howling westerly which was fast in  a sea of reefed mains and surfing swells.

Obsession made good with 1st going down and a 3rd coming back to secure 1st place in the series in Division 1  while  Argo beat off arch rivals Giddy Up to secure a 1st and fastest going down and hung on for a wild Jib Top reach home for  a 5th which was enough to secure the win in the series in Division 2 from Sante in Second on a count back from Joss. Dynamic did enough on the way back and handled the wild ride home best with a win coming home to secure the series win in Division 3.

Pic Courtesy of Bernie Kaaks capturing Argo getting some air


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