Flying Fifteen Update 11.04.2017

Flying Fifteen Update 11.04.2017

Navigation was the name of the game on Sunday with only 4 boats sailing the correct course and, therefore, sharing the chocolates. Plonky, despite sailing on the river for 40 years ( his words, not mine !) managed to direct Ffollow Us around the wrong “Dolphin” and a large portion of the fleet followed. To be fair, Team Jerwood had already lead the charge around the wrong mark but it’s nice to share the blame around!

Meanwhile John and Rita had Ffoenix across the line in second place and won the consistency by miles. Andy and Anne were fastest in A2.

No season would be complete without the prestigious “Crews Race” which was conducted last week in lightish conditions and won by Anne Knowles in A2 with the assistance of Andy as crew. Kristine, despite battling an obstinate crew, came second in Kerfuffle.

The Easter break will see most of our fleet travel to Geraldton for the State Championships which is always a friendly and relaxed environment for a regatta.

To our fleet, and any other members involved in Championships over Easter, good sailing and return safely.

CP photo1 Apr10

Sunday’s consistency winners, John and Rita being presented by Rear Commodore Simon Stone. Rita might be a bit miffed that they didn’t win by a greater margin !


CP photo2 Apr10

The winning skipper in the Crews Race, Anne Knowles with Andy as crew