POWER SECTION UPDATE: State Heat #2 and Presentation Dinner – 24 June 2017


After a challenging day on the river contesting the Coffee Point Marine Services CPYC State Heat 2, our time triallers were ready to celebrate with an evening of eating, drinking and dancing at the State Heat Presentation Dinner held in the SoPYC Ballroom.  The hospitality staff were kept busy and music duo Passion Works had the crowd up on the dance floor between presentations.

First was the presentation of the 25 year pins and certificates honouring members who have contributed 25 years or more of service to the sport of Time Trialling, either as a participant or in a support role behind the scenes.  This year there are over 40 pins to be presented and the first 6 were handed out this evening. The list was alphabetical so CPYC Chairman Troy Dalglish had to stand aside when the first pin was presented – his name was top of the list.  Steve Wall did the honours but soon the roles were reversed when Troy presented Steve with the pin honouring his late father, Jim Wall and the Wall family for their many, many years contribution.  Ron Davenport, Bernie Kaaks, David Moroni, Peter Melsom and Madeleine Rennie were also presented with their pins and all warmly thanked for their contribution.


Before the results of today’s event were revealed, the official results of State Heat 1 conducted on 27 May were announced.

Consistency – State Heat 1

Place Vessel Skipper Navigator


1 ‘Alter Ego’ Bruce McElhinney Mark Thomas


2 ‘August Moon’ Tony Walther Julie Walther


3 ‘Holidaze’ Vern Bailey Judy Bailey



Championship – State Heat 1

Place Vessel Skipper Navigator Points Lost
1 ‘Thanet’ Guy Skinner Richard Evans

6 * Least Points

2 ‘Amazon’ Steve Wall Amanda Watson


3= ‘Sunhunter’ Brett Morrison Dilana Ramirez


3= ‘Dalusional’ Troy Dalglish Dee Kelly



Teams – State Heat 1

Place Club


1 South of Perth Yacht Club


2 Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club


3 Claremont Yacht Club


4 Royal Perth Yacht Club


As well as flags, successful placegetters also received the highly prized Corica strudels, kindly donated by CYC Commodore David Bovell.  With State Heat 1’s results out of the way, the question was, who was in the running for the remaining strudels?

Finally, the suspense was over and Regatta Control Officer Garry Morrison announced the results of State Heat 2.

Consistency – State Heat 2

Place Vessel Skipper Navigator


1 ‘Pure Indulgence’ John Allpike Deborah Allpike


2 ‘Open Circuit’ Jim Gooding Keith Salkeld


3 ‘Silhouette’ Ron Davenport George Banham



Championship – State Heat 2

Place Vessel Skipper Navigator Points Lost
1 ‘Amazon’ Steve Wall Amanda Watson

7 = Least Points

2 ‘Sunhunter’ Brett Morrison Dilana Ramirez

7 = Least Points

3 ‘Dalusional’ Troy Dalglish Dee Kelly



Teams – State Heat 2

Place Club


1 South of Perth Yacht Club


2 Claremont Yacht Club


3 Royal Perth Yacht Club


4 Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club


p4 p5 p6

With the presentations over, the dancing continued until late in the night.  The Presentation Dinner for State Heats 3 and 4 will be held at Royal Perth Yacht Club on Saturday 19th August.  It is great to see other Clubs returning to Time Trialling, competing in State Heats and participating in the social side of the sport.  Royal Perth Yacht Club had seven boats competing and thirty guests at the Dinner including the Commodore, Rear Commodore and Treasurer!


Interesting Fact # 9

If not for a COS 10 point penalty at the start, least points would have gone to ‘General Chaos’ SKIPPER: Marc Lema  NAVIGATOR: Anthea Lema with the loss of only 5 points.

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