Tackers Courses

Tackers Program

Tackers is a great sailing program for kids aged 7 to 12 – it’s fun, safe, and  you don’t need to have any sailing experience. All of the equipment including the boats and life jackets are provided.

The Tackers program focuses on non-competitive learning through games in a supportive environment with structured sessions plans and levels of achievements. Tackers can only be delivered at accredited Discover Sailing Centres. All programs are run by qualified instructors who are provided with additional training to be able to deliver Tackers. Sequential progression in Tackers ensures children build confidence and interest in continuing to be involved in sailing. There are three pathway levels and a green fleet training group.

  • Tackers 1 – Having Fun
  • Tackers 2 – Tricks & Techniques
  • Tackers 3 – Sailing Fast!
  • Optimist Green Fleet.

Tackers 1 – Having Fun. Kids sail in pairs in small boats. It’s a great way to meet new friends and learn the basics of how to sail. They will learn how to rig the boat, launch and sail back into the beach, tack to turn the boat around, sail in a straight line and the skills of capsizing.

Tackers 2 – Tricks & Techniques. If kids are confident, they can sail a boat on their own with lots of support, supervision and encouragement from the Instructor and Assistant Instructors. They will learn how to gybe a boat and sail upwind and downwind.

The final level is Tackers 3 – Sailing Fast! This is a chance for the kids to sail boats on their own and learn how to make the boat go faster and perform the skills of boat handling with more confidence. Tackers 3 works in well when complemented with the Green Fleet weekly training.

Each level involves 20 hours of participation structured as a 5 day holiday program or as a series of sessions over several weeks either on a weekend or after-school.

The Optimist Green Fleet is where kids learn how to go around a race course with kids of similar ability, where the main focus is on enjoyment. You can start the Green Fleet weekly club training once you have completed Tackers 2 or 3. The objective of this training is to build your skills to a level where you can complete in club racing in the fibreglass Optimists at an Intermediate level and from there you move up to compete and train in the Open Fleet.

A number of sailors decide to join the Green Fleet after completing Tackers 2 and then complete Tackers 3 during one of the school holidays to increase their sailing hours and learn more in a short amount of time.

Kids receive a Tackers kit at the start of every level and a certificate of achievement at the end.

Course Dates
To register follow the link on the course date you want to enrol in.

Tackers 1 – Having Fun  $300.00

Saturday Courses: This course is run over 5 Saturday mornings from 0830 – 1230 on the following dates
18, 25 February, 12, 18 and 25 March, (No sailing on 5 March, Long Weekend)
28 October,  4, 11, 18 and 25  November

Term 1 School Holidays
Monday 10 April to Thursday 13 April, 0830 – 1330

Term 3 School Holidays
Monday 25 September to Friday 29 September, 0830 – 1230

Summer Holidays: 2017/18
Monday 18 December to Friday 22 December, 0830 – 1230
Monday 8 January to Friday 12 January, 0830 – 1230
Monday 22 January to Friday 26 January, 0830 – 1230

Term 1 School Holidays : 2018
Monday 16 April to Friday 28th April, 0830 – 1230

Tackers 2 – Tricks & Techniques $320.00

Term 1 School Holidays:
Tuesday 18 to Friday 21 April, 0830 – 1330

Term 3 School Holidays:
Monday 2 October to Friday 6 October, 0830 – 1230

Summer Holidays: 2017/18
Monday 18 December to Friday 22 December, 1300 -1700
Monday 8 January to Friday 12 January, 1300 – 1700
Monday 22 January to Friday 26 January, 1300 – 1700

Saturday Course: This course is run over 5 Saturday mornings from 0830 – 1230
on the following dates:
17, 24 February, 3, 10 & 17 March, 2018

Term 1 School Holidays : 2018
Monday 23 April to Friday 27 April, 0830 -1230

Tackers 3 – Sailing Fast! $320.00

Term 1 School Holidays:
Monday 10 to Thursday 13 April, 1230 – 1730

Term 3 School Holidays:
Monday 2 October to Friday 6 October, 1300 – 1700

Summer Holidays : 2017/18
Monday 15 January to Friday 19 January, 0830 – 1230

Wednesday 1600 – 1830
Sunday 0900 – 1200

The training is on most weeks throughout the year, with a break from sailing during June and July. To view the exact dates please download the training calendar.

The coach will assess the skill level of the participant and inform the parents when they are ready to move into the intermediate fleet.  Most sailors train in the Green Fleet for six to twelve months.

To be in the Optimist Green Fleet you need to be a member of the club, complete the registration form and pay a training fee of $300.00 from August to May. The training fee is worked out using a pro rata system depending on the month you join the group.

Club Membership Information Select the junior membership category.
Optimist Green Fleet Registration Form

If you would like any more information, please contact the Head Coach, Tessa Parkinson headcoach@sopyc.com.au
0417 943 340