Sunday 2nd July to Wednesday 5th July, 1000 – 1600 each day at South of Perth Yacht Club. The camp is open to all 4.7 sailors in WA. The two confirmed coaches are Ben Walkemeyer and Ryan Palk and there may be a 3rd coach depending on numbers. The cost per sailor for the 4 days is $200. Please click here to register. 

The Laser is a one design, single handed, Youth World and Olympic Class sailing dinghy. There are 3 rig set-ups detailed below, which can all be used on the same hull. It is an affordable and competitive class to sail and accommodates sailors of all levels, ages and a weight range of 55kg to 90kg.

The Laser 4.7 has a sail area of 4.7m2. It is a youth and transition class leading up the Laser Radial.
The Laser Radial
 has a sail area of 5.7m2. It is the Youth World and Women’s Olympic class, and raced at club level for sailors that are too light for the full rig.
The Laser Full Rig has a sail area of 7m2. This is the original standard rig for the Laser, and is the Olympic Men’s class.

The club has a strong Laser Fleet with over 30 boats on the register, most of which can be seen competing regularly throughout the year. While there is strong competition on the water, there is also great camaraderie on shore.

We have a good mix of experienced and younger sailors starting their Laser campaign. Training is provided during the Summer and Winter Seasons during the week and on the weekend.

As the Laser is an international class, there are also many regattas at local State, National and International level. Many club members are regular competitors on the Laser circuit.

The Western Australian Laser Association (WALA) provide a sail hire deal where you can hire a 4.7 mast and sail for a season.

The club has 5 Lasers with the 4.7 setup and one Radial and Full Rig mast and sail. The boats are leased to members for 3 months to assist in getting started and participating in the club training and racing. The cost for 3 months is $200. To apply to use a club Laser please email Chelsea, Asset Manager,

The Lasers at the club are represented by Fleet Captain, Gary Lingard. He is happy to answer any questions and emails training and race updates to the group weekly.
Contact number 0418 819 160 or email

Club staff contact: Tessa Parkinson, 0417 943 340,