On Water Sailing Centreboards INTERNATIONAL MOTH

The International Moth is an eleven foot long, high performance, single handed racing dinghy. We are proud to be one of the few development classes left in the world and have very few design rules including no weight limit. We encourage innovation just as much as we encourage sailing skill. We welcome home boat building and wacky designs, and almost importantly, we welcome unconventional people with open arms.

If you are interested to consider joining the fleet just get online at the SoPYC Facebook put and put in a request for a test sail. They’re not that hard if you have some good dinghy or windsurfing  skills.

Length overall - 3.355 m
Beam - 2.250 m
Max. luff length - 5.185 m
Max. mast length - 6.250 m
Hull weight - unrestricted, general weight range 10-20kgs
Rigged Weigh – as little as 32kgs
Sail area - 8m
Optimum skipper weight - 60-80kgs

For more information, contact the Moth Chairman, Scott Sharpe on 0405 245 338 or at or visit the offical Australian Moth web site which has all the latest National information that you need to start Mothing right now.