Special Events

On Water Sailing Special Events


 Season 2017/2018
21 April Summer Closing Day SSIs
07 April SS22 State Champ Race 7 SSIs
30 March F15 State Champs NoR SIs
18 March Carbine Club Youth Cup Refer to event page
03 March Laser State Champs NoR SIs
10 February Around the Sound Race SIs
09 February Little Wheel Match Racing Regatta NoR Click Here SIs
27 January Keelboat Marathon Race SSIs
20 January SS27 State Champ Race 4 SSIs
13 January S80 & S97 Swan River Series SIs
16 December Frank Sampson Race SSIs
09 December Viper 640 State Titles SIs
02 December F15 Short Course Regatta SSIs
26 November Tally Hobbs Regatta click here
25 November SS27 State Champ Race 2 SSIs
25 November S80 & S97 UK Sailmakers Series NoR/SIs
12 November Viper 640 Short Course SSIs
11 November SS22 State Champ Race 2 SSIs
04 November S80 & S97 SHort Course Series SSIs
04 November Windward/Leeward Series SSIs
25 October S80 Assn Wednesday Series SSIs
01 October Opening Day SSIs & Fall Nos
24 September F15 Pre-Season Regatta NoR SIs  Results
25 June SS22/SS27   Match Racing SIs  Results
14 May SOLO Winter Series Refer to event page
Season 2016/2017
29 Apr Closing Day Race SSIs
08 Apr SS22 State Champ Race 8 SSIs
07-09 Apr Inter Club Championship NoR SIs  Results
02 Apr ENZED F18 Series NoR SIs Results
18-19 Mar Applecross Cup refer to event page
11 Mar Wooden Boat Race & Rally NoR  SSIs Results
04 Feb Division 2 Invitation Series Results
04 Feb Division 1 Invitation Series Results
04 Feb Windward/Leeward Race Day 2 (SoPYC) refer SoPYC Redbook SSIs Results
04 Feb Windward/Leeward Race Day 2 (RFBYC) SSIs
21 Jan SS27 State Championship R4 SSIs  Results
21 Jan Div 1 Invitation R5 SSIs  Results
15 Jan F15 Pursuit Race SSIs  Results
14 Jan S80 Swan River Championships refer SoPYC Redbook Click Here SSIs  Results 14/01
Results 21/01
08 Jan Pelican States Click Here Click Here Results
17 Dec Frank Sampson refer SoPYC Redbook SSIs
11 Dec Viper States Click Here Click Here  SIs Results
03 Dec Flying 15 Short Course Click Here SSIs Results
13 Nov Discover Sailing Day SSIs Results
05 Nov Windward/Leeward Race Day 1 (RFBYC)  SSIs Results
05 Nov Windward/Leeward Race Day 1 (SoPYC) SSIs  Results
02 Oct 71st Opening Day Regatta SSIs & ProgramFall Numbers
15 Oct – 25 Oct Dirk Hartog
SI Results
 Season 2015/2016
25 May – 11 Sept 2016 Solo Winter Series NOR
Entry Form SI – Solo

SI – Solo

Results  Photos – Race 1
25-27 March National 125 State Championships NOR Entry Form SI Results
23 April Wooden Boat Race and Rally NOR SI Results
12-13 March Applecross Cup NOR Entry Form SI Race Results
12 March 2016 Billy Run – Race to Rottnest NOR & Entry Form  SI Results
5 – 6 March International Flying 15 Labour Day Weekend Regatta NOR SI Results
5 – 7 March Optimists State Championship  NOR  Entry  Form SI Results Photos
24 – 26 February M32 South of Perth Match Race  NOR SI Results Photos
20 February SS27 State Championship 5
20 February Tally Hobbs Regatta  Results
27 – 29 January Little Wheel Youth Match Racing Regatta NOR Expression of Interest SI  Results  Photos
23 January Viking 30 State Championship NOR SI  Results
23 January S97 Short Course Series NOR SI  Results
23 January S80 Swan River Championship NOR SI  Results
2 – 8 January 2016 International Moth Australian Championship NOR SI Results Moth Australian Championship Photos