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Keelboat owners and skippers are always on the lookout for people to help them sail their yachts. If you are looking for some healthy, outdoor exercise and seeking the fun and rewards that being part of a team can bring, you are welcome to register your interest as a crewperson or just come on down to the Club and give it a try. You will be allocated to a boat in your fleet of choice. If you like it and want to be part of the Club, you can then join the Club as a crew member.

To register your interest to crew, please complete the form below:

Expression of Interest to Crew Form 

Boat owners/skippers  looking for crew, please complete the form below:

Skippers Looking for Crew Form

By ticking “Yes” within either form to having your details published, you agree to having your name and contact phone number listed in the table below for a period of two months.  At the end of this time, your details will be automatically deleted.  Please communicate with the person making the request directly using their contact details provided.  Please advise us at once your request has been filled or if you wish to have your name removed from the list within the published period.

Name & Contact Details
Available 24/04/17

Elizabeth Jones
0404 510 236

I am wanting to Crew Wed/Saturdays.   I do have some experience and am very keen to learn more.
Available 19/04/17

Stephen Prince
0451 031 242

I am wanting to Crew Wed/Saturdays/Offshore.  I do have some experience and am very keen to learn more.
Available 10/04/17

Ali Raza
0416 561 904

I am very keen to Crew and with no experience very keen to learn. Interested in Crewing Saturday/sunday
Wanted 31/03/17

Richard Blaquiere
0418 945 649

Crew required for Sunday afternoon on a flying 15.  Large fleet, one design racing.  Good competive enjoyable fleet. Contact me for details or email.
 Available 31/03/17 Manu Sood
0400 004 414
I am wanting to crew Saturday/Sunday.  I do have some experience, and am very keen to learn more.
Available 30/03/17

Sue Webster
0427 708 992

 I am very keen to do some crewing.  I did sail at SoPYC in Div 1 some years ago. Im available to crew Wednesday/Saturday/Twilights and offshore
Available 27/03/17 Karen Robinson
0421 315 493
I have some experience on Keelboats and keen to crew to learn more.  I am available Saturday and every second Sunday, and Wednesday Twilight when the season recommences.
Available 10/03/17 Deborah Conroy
0434 274 829
With more than 5 years experience I am looking to crew Wednesday afternoons/twilights
Wanted 10/03/17 John Woolhouse
0427 549 494
I am looking for crew for Wednesday Afternoon Sailing on a SS34 “Morning Flite” Jetty 4, Penn 99.  ALL WELCOME
Available 10/03/17 Rohan Cumpston
0478 137 123
Am looking to crew Wednesday Afternoon/Twiights and Saturday/Sunday. I have more than 5 years boating experience.
Wanted 07/03/17 Lew Nyeholt
0417 932 159
I am looking for crew for the Winter Frostbite season.  Experience will be good, but willing to tech.
Wanted 23/02/17 Greg Northover
0403 720 249
I am looking for Crew on a temporary Basis for Saturday Afternoon Sailing in a SS27
Available 07/02/17 Jessamay Case
0438 836 169
I am wanting to Wednesday Twilights. I do have some experience and very keen to learn more.