POWER SECTION UPDATE: State Heat #4 and Presentation Dinner – 19 August 2017

Royal Perth Yacht Club returned to hosting a State Heat Dinner with a vengeance. A capacity crowd was treated to an evening of fine dining, dancing and prizes galore – door prizes, raffle prizes, Heat 3 and Heat 4 presentations and an abundance of scrumptious strudels.


In his first official duty RPYC Commodore Mark Hanson welcomed guests to the CPYC Coffee Point Marine Services State Heat Presentation Dinner.  Before the results and presentations, CPYC President Troy Dalglish took the opportunity to present three more of this year’s 25 Year Pins and certificates honouring members who have contributed 25 years or more of service to the sport of Time Trialling, either as a participant or in a support role behind the scenes.

The first presentation of the evening was to Jacquie Long.  After many years of participating in the sport at all levels, Jacquie now competes in the cutest boat in the fleet, Pa’s Boat (it really did belong to her father!)  As if to reinforce the family involvement aspect of Time Trialling, Troy then presented the next two 25 Year Pins to none other than his parents, Past Commodore Frank Dalglish and Barbara Dalglish in recognition of their long and varied involvement in the sport and South of Perth Yacht Club.

25 Year Pin Recipients:


Later in the evening Commodore-elect Phil Warwick commented on the involvement and contribution of the Time Trialling community.  He attributed it to the family-friendly nature of the sport with husband and wife skipper/navigator teams and children as crew learning the ropes from an early age.  This is very much the case with these and many other families at SoPYC.

Between courses and before the dancing started in earnest, Regatta Control Officer Garry Morrison announced the official results of State Heat 3 and the eagerly awaited results of State Heat 4.


State Heat No 3 Outright

1    Sunhunter     Brett Morrison/Dilana Ramirez   7 points (and Least Points Lost)

2C  Amazon        Steve Wall/Amanda Watson      10 points

3C  Dalusional   Troy Dalglish/Dee Kelly            10 points


State Heat No 3 Consistency

1   CYC       Utopia            Dave Bovell/Justin Congdon      -7.63

2   CYC       Dirty Deeds   Sandy Moyle/Rob Wilcox          -6.91

3   RFBYC  Queste            Hamish Beck/Cameron Cox       -5.21


State Heat No 3 Teams

1    SoPYC          9.75     Sunhunter/Dalusional/Amazon/Thanet

2    CYC              35       Utopia/Liquid Asset/Water Colour/Truancy

3    RPYC            48        No Name/Pure Indulgence/Cosmos/Foxy


State Heat No 4 Outright

1    Amazon       Steve Wall/Amanda Watson        5 points (and Least Points Lost)

2    Dalusional   Troy Dalglish/Dee Kelly              6 points

3    Sunhunter   Brett Morrison/Dilana Ramirez     10 points


State Heat No 4 Consistency

1   RPYC     No Name       Gary Smith/Raymond Smith    -6.05

2   SoPYC   Amazon          Steve Wall/Amanda Watson    -3.4

3   SoPYC   Dalusional     Troy Dalglish/Dee Kelly          -2.4


State Heat No 4 Teams

1    SoPYC        9.75   Amazon/Dalusional/Sunhunter/General Chaos

2    CYC            37.5   Liquid Asset/Utopia/Truancy/Sundance

3    RPYC          47      No Name/Foxy/Pure Indulgence/Juno



CYC Commodore David Bovell, winner of Heat 3 Consistency, was uncharacteristically lost for words – “I’ve waited 15 years for this” he said as he accepted his First Place flag and was presented with one of his own strudels!  He also thanked Commodore Mark Hanson for hosting the presentation dinner saying that RPYC would have to do so every year now.

Vice Commodore Phil Warwick concluded the presentations with a resounding bell-ring and also thanked RPYC for a wonderful evening and ‘returning to the fold’.  As well as hosting the dinner, RPYC fielded 12 boats in today’s fleet.   8 boats from CYC; 3 from RFBYC and 20 from SoPYC rounded out the fleet of 43.

Formalities over, the fun continued.


Coming Events

27 August   RFBYC Kylie Cup Invitation Time Trial

Interesting Fact #16   

Fifteen marks were checked in today’s State Heat.  Least points lost was 5, an average of 0.33 points per mark, and 9th place was only 15 points lost, so 20% of the fleet lost less than 1 per mark – now that’s competitive!

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