The winner of the Graeme Hood Memorial Trophy for 2017 was Innuendo: Skipper Mark Hayman; Navigator Jared Tickle with a loss of 11 points.   A timely win as this was Mark and Jared’s last event for the season before heading overseas on holiday.


Power Captain Amanda Watson welcomed Julie Hood and family and thanked Julie for her continued support of the Club in recognition of her late husband Graeme’s involvement of over 30 years. Julie is also a tireless fundraiser for cancer research and with assistance from Maria Cook and Vice Captain John Spanos, collected donations for this worthy cause. Oldest grandson Matthew, a junior yachting champion, was also on hand to assist with the presentation of the Graeme Hood Memorial Trophy.



The ebb and flow of holiday makers has seen Brian and Tina Smith return from overseas this week as well as Lynne and John Cooper who returned just in time to scoop up a First Place flag in the Starboard Fleet.  No sign of jetlag there!

As well as returning holiday makers, the ranks were swelled today by newcomers to Time Trialling: Warren Medcraft and Ashley Thomsett on Perfect Timing and Ian and Andrea White on Splashin Out.  Amanda welcomed the newcomers to the Time Trialling family with bottles of port.   Ian and Andrea also picked up the Wooden Spoon along with their bottle of port.


This week we were spoilt for choice.  Vice Captain John Spanos had an “Epaulet malfunction” as did Power Captain Amanda Watson.  While Amada merely lost one epaulet to gravity, John’s had done a 180o and were completely upside-down.  Both rated and honourable mention.


The two main contenders were August Moon for starting a minute early in last week’s State Heat and Chilly Mussel for starting on the wrong side of the inner start buoy.  Steve continued his winning streak and added the Bent Prop to his collection.



Coming Events: Spring is only five days away and our 2017 season is nearly over.

Saturday 2 September   Colin Wilson Trophy

Thursday 7 September  Power Section Meeting 7:30pm.  All welcome.

Saturday 9 September   State Heat #5 –  Nominations required

Saturday 9 September   Fremantle Sailing Club visit (after State Heat #5).  11 boats with 38 guests from Fremantle Sailing Club are booked to visit SoPYC for Quarterdeck dinner and overnight stay in our Marina, as part of their annual ‘weekend on the river’.

This is a great opportunity to welcome our Fremantle guests and return the hospitality many of us have enjoyed on our visits to Fremantle.

So please come back to the clubhouse after the Heat and stay on for dinner and results if you can – should be a great night!

Saturday 16 September – Ray D Carter Invitation
Sunday 17 September – Lady Skippers Trophy –  Nominations required
Friday 22 September – CPYC Prize Night Dinner at Claremont Yacht Club – Bookings required
Saturday 23 September  – Patron’s Trophy
Saturday 30 September Closing Day

Interesting Fact #17: a Cautionary Tale

Spotting a yacht aground on Applecross Spit, Guy Skinner radioed Sea Rescue. Confident that no-one was in any danger Thanet completed the course, intending to return later if necessary.  In the meantime, Clarry Wrensted pulled out and went to assist.   But Champuss couldn’t get to get quite close enough to get a line on without ending up on the putty as well. Then it was Sea Rescue’s turn – also in vain.

Things were looking grim when Thanet appeared to turn the tide. With shallow draft, handy double keels and 50+ years of yachting experience on board, Guy, Richard and their guests got a towrope to the jib halyard, heeled the yacht over, and bingo –  the keel popped out of the mud and the stricken vessel followed Thanet, slowly but surely, to the safety of deeper water.

Morals of the story?

  1. Don’t go the wrong side of a spit post on a lee shore with a falling tide in a yacht (or anything else), and
  2. Small is beautiful – don’t under-estimate the Blue Flash!