POWER SECTION: Frank Dal Autos Trophy 15 July 2017

“I’m alive – it’s a miracle!” shouted a very much alive and well Past Commodore Frank Dalglish in response to Power Captain Amanda Watson’s introduction of the Frank Dal Memorial Trophy.  Looking a picture of health, PC Frank congratulated ‘The Board Room’ SKIPPER: Stephen Clarke NAVIGATOR: Diane Clarke, the winners of the Frank Dal Autos Trophy for 2017.

Capture1If the Bent Prop Award is for misdemeanours of a boating nature, maybe we need a Slip of the Tongue Award for verbal violations!

Amanda thanked the Sponsors, Starters and Checkpoints and announced the team for next week’s State Heat:

‘Sunhunter, ‘Amazon’, ‘Dalusional’, ‘Thanet’, ‘Innuendo’ and ‘Audacity 11’ with reserves: ‘General Chaos’ and ‘Silhouette’

Before announcing the results, Starter Garry Morrison commented that the Checkpoints came back with very wet bags – it had been a very wet and windy afternoon and more than their bags got wet.  The conditions deteriorated during the afternoon and visibility was so poor at one stage that four of the fleet retired when they could no longer see the marks.  This made the achievements of the place-getters even more commendable; no more so than ‘Dalusional ‘, taking out the least points lost flag with the loss of only 2 points.  A delighted Troy rang the bell so vigorously it nearly fell off the wall.


Back to the the Bent Prop.  ‘M & Ms’ Michael Cook took out the award despite competition from Vice Commodore Phil Warwick, spotted taking  ‘Time Out’ into Knot Spit at full tilt; ‘Innuendo’s Mark Hayman was in the Barnacle Bar for pre-event refreshments because he was wearing thongs (rolled his ankle after storming a Bastille Day Dinner the night before) and Kerry Staples from ‘Illusion’ who’s little dog failed to take the dog-leg in the jetty and plunged into the drink. Troy to the rescue – well done again, Troy!  So what did Cookie do to deserve the award?  Lost his competition numbers IN THE PEN and went around a mark in reverse.  Good job, Cookie!


Power Section Committee

The AGM for Power Section is Thursday 3 Aug 2017 at 7.30m. You are all invited to attend and nominations are being called for the Power Section Committee.  The Power Section Committee is the envy of the other sections and is successful because the load is shared over a number of portfolios and “many hands make light work”.  If you would like to be part of the committee please contact Power Captain Amanda Watson on 0418 913 392

Coming Events

22 July 2017    State Heat #3.  Don’t forget to nominate

29 July 2017    Ti-Tu Invitation Time Trial (nominations please) followed by Kindred Clubs Event – Colour my World Dance Party with prizes for best colourful fancy dress costume and two runners-up.

5 August 2017 Commodore’s Ball – A Night to Remember (and remember – no Time Trial competition this weekend).

Interesting Fact #12    The Water Police vessel was strategically positioned at Quarry as the first boats rounded the mark and proceeded to Knot Spit and beyond at a sedate 8 knots.  The sleek black craft followed at a distance until the fleet passed Inner Dolphin.  Then it put on speed and left the armada in its wake.

Were they hoping to catch a skipper speeding in the 8 knot zone or were they testing their own Time Trialling skills?


The Power Scribe